My Little Day Napkins Mini forest

  • My Little Day Napkins Mini forest

    FSC paper, vegetal inks, bioplastic packaging  

  • The sweetest bear is here waiting to party with his forest friends! These 20 bear paper napkins were designed by My Little Day in Paris and made in EU. They are 100% FSC paper, vegetable inks and their packaging is in cellulose film, completely recyclable and eco-friendly! Set them on a table with the mini forest animals plates and cups and you’ll have a perfect ride in the hoods total look!

    Product information : 3 ply

    Content : 20 napkins

    Composition : FSC paper, vegetal inks, cellulose packaging

    Dimension packaging : 2 x 12.5 x 12.5

    Weight : 100g

    Origin : EU

    Conception : Paris 

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