Nsleep Junior Pillow 40x45 cm

  • Nsleep Junior Pillow 40x45 cm

    Organic cotton, kapok

  • Kapok Pillows come well filled with kapok fibers. Is it too high or hard for you? No problem. The zipper on the side of the pillow allows you to adjust the amount of kapok fibers so you have full control of your own pillow. 

    The kapok filling consists of 80% air, which has a both isolating and ventilating effect and if you have a tendency to sweat or freeze during night you will experience a dramatic improvement in sleep quality with our Kapok pillow.

    And of course, kapok pillows naturally inherit kapok's 100% organic abilities:

    - Hypoallergenic.
    - Dust mites are unable to grow and survive in kapok fibers.
    - Keeps you cool during warm nights and provides warmth during cooler temperatures.
    - Water & Moisture resistant.
    - Planet friendly; naturally renewable, no trees, ducks or geese are harmed when you harvest kapok seed pods.
    - Free of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.


    What is Kapok?

    Kapok is a 100% natural fiber produced by the Kapok tree. These majestic trees can grow up to 70 meters tall and live over 200 years in the rainforests of South America, Eastern Africa and Asia. The kapok trees bear fruit regularly and produce large seed pods containing the silky kapok fibers, sometimes referred to as silk-cotton. We just collect the seed pods, which makes Kapok 100% naturally renewable and no trees (or animals!) are harmed in this process.

    Kapok's Natural Strengths

    Kapok comes with a long list of natural abilities that all Nsleep products benefit from. The fibers consist of 80% air which makes it the lightest natural fiber on the planet. It provides natural heat regulation, which keeps you cool during warm nights and provides warmth during cooler temperatures. This is a real eye-opener for many of us that live in countries with distinct seasons and are used to having separate winter and summer duvets. This is not necessary with a Kapok duvet.

    Kapok is also hypoallergenic - dust mites are simply unable to live and grow within the fibers, which is a great relief to many of us that suffer from allergies. Not to mention that it's water and moisture resistant.

    And unlike traditional cotton production, no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides are used when Nsleep products are made. It's a real win-win for everyone.