ökoNORM watercolor tablet - Bluegreen

  • ökoNORM watercolor tablet - Bluegreen

    Natural raw materials

  • The watercolors are produced from the natural raw materials - plant extracts and food colorants. Can be mixed with opaque white (titanium white) and with the other paints from the same set. The watercolors are manufactured according to DIN EN 71. Note, the final color develops after mixing with water and matches the one shown on the package. Please keep away from the direct sunlight. Water-soluble and washable.

    To remove the remaining paint from skin, wash with soap and warm water. Stains on textiles can be removed by washing.

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD! Contains small parts. Children under 3 years should be supervised by adults.
    Please note, the product is not intended as food. Do not eat.

    Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 3,00 × 3,00 × 0,06 cm   

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