Žalia Žinutė Reusable Bag Set - Teddy Bears

  • Žalia Žinutė Reusable Bag Set - Teddy Bears

    Beautiful eco-friendly bags handmade from old curtains  

  • Old curtains revived for something brand new, eco-friendly and super stylish!

    Plastic produce bags are no longer in fashion as they do more damage than good for our environment.
    That's why we want to offer you this comfy set of three reusable bags:

    • Biggest bag - 37 x 25,5 cm (can carry 3 kg of potatoes!)
    • Medium bag - 27,5 x 21,5 cm (1.5 kg of tomatoes)
    • Small bag - 16,5 x 16 cm (450 g of peanuts)


    - Secure drawstring closure

    - These bags are very durable as the sides are sewn and stitched not one but two times!

    - Made in Lithuania.

    - Don't forget to do your laundry at 30 degrees if you want to be even more environmentally friendly.